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Which social media platforms should my brand be on?

Have you ever seen a cartoon character juggling multiple objects? They’re balancing things with their arms, head, back, and somehow their feet.

They wobble and sway and get their balance for a second until — CRASH.

With the faint sound of a plate swirling around on the floor in the background, you see the character with a dejected look on their face.

That’s how it feels when brands spread themselves a mile wide and an inch deep trying to be on every social media channel.

It’s easy to fall into the I need to be everywhere trap. As talks of a possible TikTok ban in the United States intensify and the rise of Lemon8 continues, brands are feeling increasingly anxious.

But, just because there’s a popular social media network doesn’t mean your brand has to rush to build a presence.

Social media success is about meeting your audience where they are. And to figure that out requires research.

If you don’t know where to start, here are three ideas:

Ask the audience. Simply asking your customers about their social media preferences is a great starting point. One way to do this is by sending out a survey through email, inquiring about their preferred social media channels, and extending an invitation to follow you on those platforms.

Do some digging. Make the native search bar on each platform your best friend. Type in popular and relevant keywords in your industry and study the results. Is your audience talking about these topics? Are they sharing content? Engaging with others and your competition? This exercise will help you see if your audience is present and engaged on the platform. If they are, that’s your signal to build a presence.

See for yourself. Social testing puts your brands on the front lines. By establishing a presence, sharing content, and interacting with users, you can determine if a platform is a fit for your brand. Testing takes time. Consider developing and implementing a content strategy for three months. Try experimenting with different variables such as creative options, posting times, and content topics to determine what works best for you. Review the results at the end of the three-month test and assess whether you should continue. Are you building a steady following or is it sporadic? Do you get consistent engagement or is the sound of crickets deafening? Is it easy to create content for the platform or is it a constant struggle? Your answers to these questions and more will give the clarity you need to proceed.



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