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curating an instagram aesthetic

What to consider when trying to achieve or maintain your Instagram aesthetic.


1. Find inspo and decide what you want your aesthetic to be. Take into consideration where you live and what type of content you will be able to capture. For example, if you live in Idaho, managing a beachy theme could be difficult.

2. Determine your brand personality- funny, fiesty, relaxed, motivational etc..

3. Choose a consistent color scheme (brand colors).

4. When editing, have set preset or use similar tones for all photos.

5. Every 12 photos should include each of your content pillars.

6. Create balance and have diversity throughout your feed, do not to have the same kind of photo back to back.

7. Make sure your highlight covers match your aesthetic.

8. Plan your content in advance to ensure you will be able to maintain your chosen aesthetic.

9. Create templates that will allow for consistency.

10. Maintain your feed aesthetic in your stories.



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