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Secret formula for hashtag success

The secret formula for #hashtag success… there isn’t one. While we’ve seen a ton of debate on whether adding hashtags to your text is beneficial for visibility and growth, we believe there are a few key components to keep in mind when pairing hashtags with a strong content strategy.


1. Help your target audience find you 2. Monitor trending topics 3. Keep an eye on your competition 4. Show support for social issues or campaigns 5. Stay on brand


Hashtags belong in the captions. In late 2021, the head of IG cleared this confusion between captions and comments by announcing that the search bar will only pull hashtags that are included in the captions. Want a cleaner aesthetic? Leave space between your text and hashtags.


1. Incorporate the hashtags into your text, when possible 2. Capitalize the first letter of each word to make it easier to read 3. Make sure your account is public 4. Keep your hashtags to a specific niche 5. Use insights to see which tags worked best 6. Avoid “spammy” hashtags 7. Don’t stress over finding the best hashtags, they won’t make or break your content strategy



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