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Meet our boutique team making waves for brands like you.

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Bailey Floyd.

Founder of Bais Creative & Public Relations

Bailey / Bay / Bais

Your professional hype woman here to help elevate your brand, drive organic growth and celebrate your biggest moments.

Bailey is a well-respected publicist, digital marketing specialist and social media guru with nearly a decade of experience in the communications industry. She has worked in the communications department for top sports organizations such as the San Antonio Spurs and Outback Bowl before spending five years in-house at public relations and marketing agencies as lead strategist and manager for top brands throughout Florida and the East Coast. 

She is a people person at heart, loves bringing fresh perspectives to new or existing strategies and thrives in the fast-paced and ever-changing  environment that is public relations and social media. 

When Bailey is not helping elevate your brand, you can find her on the water or whipping up a fish spread in her smoker.


"Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love to fish. Obsessed actually. A few months back, I was sitting on the back of a Viking Sportfish as we trolled for mahi looking out into the vast ocean when a thought hit me so hard and so clear. Public relations and marketing are exactly like fishing. See, people who don't know a lot about fishing assume you just stick a worm on a hook, toss your line in the water and *zingggg* the line goes ripping and you land a monster red snapper. What they don't realize, is fishing is nothing like this. While you may get lucky and land a fish, the art of fishing is so much more technical. It's the research of the winds, the tides, the moon, deciding what fish you want to target that trip and rigging up the right bait... and this is exactly like public relations. Yes, you can reach out to news station to cover your business and you may hear back from the news desk. However, if you target an industry-specific reporter at a publication that your audience reads and engages with, your brand will land a media placement a lot more successfully with results that will actually convert. 

Fast forward to June 2021, I launched Bais Creative & Public Relations to merge my passion and empathy for helping guide entrepreneurs grow their brand with my expertise and experience in the communications industry. I believe that no marketing plan or coaching is a one-size-fits-all and that is what makes my job so fun as every brand has a unique story to tell. While traditional media such as press releases and media alerts have their perfect place and time, the press and social media landscape is constantly evolving and I'm here for it. It keeps me on my toes and it will keep your content strategies fresh. From social media strategies to strategic partnerships, think of me as your professional hype woman for organic growth.


Can't wait to meet you! "

 - Bailey Floyd    

Meet The Team


Bailey Floyd

Founder & CEO | Lead Strategist

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Experienced communications strategist with a demonstrated work history in content creation and strategy.

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Josie Drury

Senior Social Media Manager

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Experienced in management, visual merchandising & customer relations along with personal & group fitness training⁣.



Financial Consultant

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Experienced finance specialist, with a concentration in providing back office support to small and medium-sized companies.

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Kristen skladd

Public Relations Manager

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Experienced public relations specialist with demonstrated experience in hospitality, finance and consumer goods.

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Lilly Colon

Account Manager,

PR & Influential Communications

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Passionate about crafting narratives and connecting brands with their audiences through strategic communications and influencer relations.


Samantha Vancil

Social Media Account Manager

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Experienced in innovative marketing and graphic design, striving to create visually appealing and user-friendly designs and strategy that drives results.



Public Relations Coordinator

  • Marlena LinkedIn

Experienced in public relations, specializing in client connections, media relations, marketing and event planning. 


Julie Seals

Photographer & Graphic Designer

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Years of professional photography and graphic design experience, specializing in coming up with fresh, creative solutions to best represent her client's brands.⁣

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