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Your media feature published... Now what?

Your media coverage is now live, but after the immediate hype, you may find yourself in a “what now?” moment. There are a ton of ways you can amplify & extend the life of your coverage to increase your publicity ROI. Check out a few examples below & implement the ones that work best with your communications strategy. ⬇️

1. Share on your social media platforms tagging (& thanking) the journalist. 2. Any other people/brands mentioned? Give them a shoutout. 3. Check the social media of both the journalist & publication to like & comment on any posts that feature your article⁣. 4. Encourage employees to comment and share. 5. Create a dedicated space on your website, such as “In The News” or “Press,” where the coverage can live & increase brand credibility. 6. Link the article from relevant pages on your website or blog. 7. Mention the feature in your social media bios. 8. Include in your e-newsletters.

9. Repurpose the content (i.e. video post on social or a press slide in your sales presentations).


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