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Avoid these four public relations myths

Myths about public relations (pr) - debunked.

The main purpose of PR is sales.

While sales can be one of the perks of a solid public relations strategy, it is not the only result that is beneficial for your brand. Proactive PR can aid in building and enhancing reputable, positive brand awareness that consumers can trust

PR will make you rich overnight.

PR is NOT an overnight fix. It takes time to build relationships and your reputation by curating consistent communications messaging and then amplifying your success online, once published.

PR is just press releases and conferences.

Yes. Both press releases and press conferences can be an essential part of PR, but there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes, especially as the lines between traditional and modern PR blur.Media list building, crafting media kits, diving into brand messaging, specialized media pitching... the list could go on.

you only need pr during a crisis.

Research has proven that a customer needs to "know, trust, and believe in your product or service before buying, with the general rule of thumb being at least seven interactions. So if you’re only reaching out when in trouble, it’s unlikely to be effective."


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