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Top five PR lessons from our recent media tour with Monopoly: Tampa EDITION

by Marlena Hoffman

1. Come prepared, but willing and able to be flexible along the way as changes are inevitable.

There were times that the shoot/interviews didn’t go exactly as planned (time changes, weather, etc.) but remaining positive and quickly adjusting made for an easy turnaround.

2. Create a setting for the kind of environment you want.

During shoot/interview days, I always made sure that I made everyone feel as comfortable as possible doing anything I could to help keep the energy high, making for a great work environment.

3. Don’t be afraid to take initiative, when it is needed.

There would be moments when an idea needed to be executed that wasn't previously planned and I would take the initiative to do so.

4. Reach high and receive great results.

When building our media list for the announcement, our team took the time to target outlets that made sense and worked hard on finding the appropriate media contact. It resulted in having every TV across Tampa cover the announcement.

5. Keep track of all media mentions one day at a time.

Over the span of just one week, our team garnered over 40 local media mentions and 18 million impressions. It was important to make sure that each day, I took the time to organize and track each media hit so no features got lost in the mix.


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