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How To Create a Carousel Post on linkedin

At the end of 2023, LinkedIn announced they were removing image carousel posts. ⁣ Based on a study done by Metricool which analyzed over 41,000 professional LinkedIn accounts, found that even though carousels were the least used format, they were the most effective, generating the highest number of impressions. Visually captivating for detailed informative posts or brand storytelling, carousels are a powerful tool for engagement. They encourage users to interact with your content for a longer duration, providing more opportunities to communicate your message effectively without overloading the caption with information. How to create a carousel with the new update? A workaround allows you to continue creating carousel-like posts, even with LinkedIn's recent update.

PNG -> PDF Simply export your design or photos as a PDF. When you're ready to write your post, choose "add a document" instead of "add image/media". Voila! Your PDF will appear as a swipeable carousel, allowing you to continue reaping the benefits of this high-performing post format.



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