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Strong relationships in life are built through transparency, communication, patience and trust. The same applies to building an organic following on social media. You need to put in the time and effort to create and nurture strong connections with your target audience.

Here’s how to bring these elements of a good relationship to life when building an organic following on social:

Transparency - Now more than ever, consumers crave transparency from the brands they engage with most. They want to see the good, the bad and the ugly. They want realness.

Communication - Social media is just that, social! Spend time each day using the native search bar on the social channels you have a presence and search for relevant keywords. From there, leave thoughtful comments on other people’s content. This is a great way to build brand awareness and attract attention back to your profiles. And, don’t forget to respond to comments on your own content. Engagement is just as important as content creation.

Patience - We all wish we could snap our fingers and have a large, engaged following. Sure, there are shortcuts like buying followers. But, if you go that route, your engagement will crumble like a Nature’s Valley Oats and Honey bar when you take it out of the packaging. Don’t worry, there’s good news! You can build a strong, engaged following by showing up every day to share content and engage with other users. Patience is the key that will unlock your social media success.

Trust - If consumers don’t trust your brand, it’s like building a foundation on quicksand. Every piece of content you publish, every comment you leave and every DM you answer, are all building blocks of trust. Keep that in mind each time you show up on a platform.



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