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As we countdown the days in anticipation of pumpkin spice latte sips and lighting warm vanilla candles in our home, our team keeps circling back to the same question: what is the new flavor of fall?

At Bais, every single one of our employees has a personal passion for travel and food and we work with top-tier brands across the US within the F&B industry.

So what are we thinking...

Sweet and spicy.

With the craze of the sweet and spicy flavor profile, looking at you hot honey, brands will be working to incorporate this combination into seasonal favorites. Taking what we have come to call our fall favorites and turning the heat up just a tad. Pepper jelly cocktails. Spicy apple cider infused with pomegranate. Jalapeno and honey cottage cheese.

The comeback of an era.

90s fashion isn't the only item making a comeback. As the weather begins to cool, spritzes will be out and martinis will continue to make more appearances on cocktail menus with over-the-top twists (and we aren't talking about your orange peel). Have you heard about the chicken soup martini? Jazzton Rodriguez, the creator of this cocktail, believes "people are starting to explore what the dirty martini can be, as a template."


One word. Okay, two words. Pumpkin caviar. Apple caviar. We've watched caviar have its own moment this summer, but what if it's paired with fall flavor profiles? Used as a garnish and for topping both sweet and savory dishes.

Food with a purpose.

We are all for sustainability and more brands are becoming environmentally conscious. Upcycle foods are products sourced from a food surplus to help prevent food from being wasted. Based on the philosophy of using every piece of a plant or animal. One brand paving the way is Harmless Harvest. They are known for their coconut water, but their mission is to reach zero coconut waste by using coconut meat for items such as dairy-free yogurts or smoothies.



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