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You can’t pour from an empty cup.

You’ve likely heard this saying before to describe the need for people to pour back into themselves before they can serve others. It’s easy for us to get lost in the grind of our daily lives. When one task gets checked off our list, we make sure to add another and then some.

The busier the better, right?

But, at what point do we turn the basically inverted cup of our time and energy right-side up so we can refill it again? Zippia’s research found that 89% of workers have experienced burnout within the past year.

Are you part of that statistic?

At Bais, we encourage rest and travel as it fuels creativity and sparks news ideas that we can bring to our clients.

If you are feeling like every ounce of you is exhausted and spent, we encourage you to pencil in some time to do the things you love in the upcoming summer months. Maybe it’s a family vacation to the mountains, a fun staycation exploring your hometown or simply taking the afternoon to catch up with a friend at your local coffee shop.

Make time, just like you do for work, for yourself. It's not selfish, it's essential.



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