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The Social Media Handbook is your guide to strategizing your digital content online. From determining your niche and differentiators to brand identity and content creation, this is your step-by-step guide to making social media feel a tad less overwhelming. 


The Material.

Page 3. Platform Focus & Industry Niche
Page 4-6. Instagram Audit
Page 7. Setting Goals Worksheet
Page 8. Identifying Competition & Differentiators

Page 9-10. Brand Identity

Page 11-12. Maximizing Exposure When Posting

Page 13. Hashtag Guide Worksheet
Page 14. Social Media Maintenance
Page 15 - 17. Content Creation & Scheduling

Page 18. 30 Days Of Content Ideas

Page 19. Secret Formula For Instagram Success

Page 20. Keeping Up With Trends
Page 21. Analytics & KPIs
Page 22. Mental Health


*Due to this being a digital product, we do not allow returns or refunds. 


The Social Media Handbook

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