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At Bais, we are a boutique team that partners with brands to elevate their online presence (think social media strategy and digital audits) and lay the foundation for successful media outreach. The goal is to earn media coverage and ignite conversations that inspire brand curiosity, create impact and boost brand reputation.

Through both traditional and modern strategy and tactics, our team has partnered with organizations across the entire United States and specialize in partnering with DTC travel and hospitality brands and entrepreneurs to share their story.

Female founded in 2021. 


Brands We've WORKED WITH:

Dedicated to elevating your brand's online presence to earn the visibility you deserve. 



  • We are always transparent.

  • We build authentic relationships with our clients, industry partners and the agency.

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  • We are a part of the team.

  • We drive towards our goals together. 

  • There are no bad ideas. We are inclusive of both people and their ideas brought to the table in this creative environment.



  • Not afraid to take creative risks. We aren't reckless in our tactics; we follow trends while being strategic in our approach.

  • Love to explore new ideas, possibilities & tactics. Given freedom to think outside the box & stay ahead of the competition. ​

  • We love to travel & explore. We value flexibility & you only live once. Living the lifestyle we represent.



  • Motivated to achieve excellence.

  • Ability to make mistakes & learn from them. It's called growth. 

  • Growth minded. 

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  • We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. 

  • We meet each other with the utmost level of respect and grace. 



  • Must be willing to adapt and be open to other's POV. 

  • It has been proven that employees who have more balanced lives also are likely to be physically and emotionally healthier. 

  • Firm on principle, flexible on methods. 

The FRigate bird.

Minimalist Simple The Road Festival Logo (2).png

A frigatebird, well known in the fishing world, are large black birds that can have a wingspan of over 7 feet. ⁣

They typically fly super high above the water and will start to circle in the air when they are on a large fish. As an angler, this indicates that it may be a good spot to stop and put out some lines. ⁣

If you’ve read our website, you have learned why we compare PR and social media marketing to fishing. But with the frigatebird, we love that they literally have a bird’s eye view with a different viewpoint than those on the water. ⁣

When we work with clients, that is one of our uniques. We aren’t in your brand every day so we are able to work with you to help convey your industry, message and product or service from a unique perspective. ⁣

Tying in our new tagline…⁣

A holistic approach to modern communications. ⁣

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