Elevate your brand’s
online presence to earn
the media coverage you deserve

Public relations is so much more than landing a media placement in a top tier publication. It is finding your brand's voice and conveying a story that is relatable to your customer's needs. However,  sometimes brands stumble when finding and engaging with their target audience. That's why brands see:

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  • Low website traffic or brand awareness

  • Social media pages with low engagement or follower growth that has plateaued

  • New product releases with underwhelming sales numbers or poor sales in general

  • Disloyal customers who are not repeating purchasers

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the bais approach.

At Bais, my passion is helping elevate client's brand visibility and engagement online (think digital marketing and social media) to lay the foundation for successful media outreach.

Authenticity is at the heart of everything I do. From helping clients build genuine relationships with their audience to how I operate here at Bais, I have found this to be key to inspiring brands to set and achieve their goals.

I believe that public relations, digital marketing and social media strategy are not one-size-fits-all so each and every communications plan or social media strategy is 100% created uniquely for you and your brand. We are an extension of your team.

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Public Relations


Social Media Management


Consulting & Coaching


Digital Marketing

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Your professional hype woman here to help elevate your brand, drive organic growth and celebrate your biggest moments.


With nearly a decade of experience in the communications industry, I thrive in the fast-paced and ever-changing  environment that is public relations and social media. 

I am a people person at heart and love bringing fresh perspectives to new or existing strategies. 

When I am not coaching or managing clients, you can find me on the water or whipping up a fish spread in my smoker.

Bailey / Bay / Bais

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